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Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

Is Green Energy the Way to Go?

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It is doubtless that most people support green energy but are not sure how to implement it. It is allegedly assumed that green energy cannot be implemented on a large scale but this is just an assumption. If we put our mind to do anything, there is nothing that can stop us.
Don’t you just hate the effect of fossil fuel to our environment? Global warming and pollution are just examples of adverse irreversible effects of this energy that we daily use to power our lives. Green energy can be sustainable if we want it to be. It is simply up to us if we want our posterity to have a future in this earth.
Think of Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who made a discovery in 1839 on how to convert sunlight into electricity. Think of Charles F. Brush who is known for construction of the first wind powered turbine. These men were great and left us great inventions that have not been fully utilized. Green energy is the key to a better society that does not worry about the adverse effects of climate change.
Green Energy is the only way to go. Do something to further enable this cause

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