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Trustus is working towards developing a 100MW power plant in Malawi. The specific location is Nkhachira in North Rukuru district. We understand the importance of growth to the economy and we plan to only use the coal from Malawi to operate the power plant. This will ensure that employment opportunities are created for the citizens of Malawi.

We are a clean energy company thus we only use clean coal. The power will be sold to ESCOM (Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi). The community living in Mchenga is being compensated as we prepare to begin the construction. It is estimated that it will take only 18 months for the power plant to be constructed once the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is acquired.

Because of the need to preserve our environment, we will use a technology that makes coal clean

Project Stage: Preconstruction

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We are clean Energy contractors and consultants, dedicated to production of clean energy e.g Solar, hydro electrical dams and wind power. [ Read More ]

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