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Bio fuel is any combustible fuel derived from non-fossil living matter.  Biogas that comes from digestion of biomass is most common in East Africa and Kenya has taken the lead in Africa. Biogas has one major advantage over solar and wind power, Consistency. As long as there are waste products, we are assured of a consistent power supply. East Africa has a wide range of organic material required to produce biogas. South Africa has a plant that is able to generate 6.4 MW of power purely from biogas.
Kenya has a plant in Lake Naivasha that can produce 2.6MW of renewable energy from agricultural materials. Kenya has a vast untapped potential for biogas that needs to be utilized to see their vision come to pass.

A lot of human waste is needed to produce biogas but it is readily available as it is a waste. In Morocco, there are several sewage treatment works that are able to process human waste to 5.4 MW of power. This shows that East Africa still has a lot of idle potential.

Advantages of Biogas
- It is consistent
- It produces clean and renewable energy
- It combines energy storage with generation
- It provides useful co-products such as manure

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