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Hydroelectric power is becoming increasingly popular around the world. This is not only because it is clean energy but because it can be sustained. The total capacity of hydroelectric power in the world now exceeds 1000 GW. Africa has a vast untapped potential to produce hydroelectric power.
In 2013, generation of hydro power was more than that of solar and wind energy. Energy experts predict that that by 2050 the world will be producing 2000 GW (double the current production). One of the major problems that face African countries is insufficient power. The shortage in electricity supply in Africa can be solved if we learned to utilize hydroelectric power sustainably.

An amazing statistics reveal that Africa has 13% of the whole world population but only produces 3% of the world’s electricity. Africa’s annual per capita electricity consumption is 450 kWh, the lowest in the world. This low production of electricity hinders the growth of the economy. In fact the economy of Africa is growing at a very fast rate but the lack of sufficient power threatens demand.
Africa only uses 5% to 10% of its hydroelectric power potential. Africa is the only continent that has not  effectively utilized its electricity generation capacity.

So what are the advantages of hydroelectric power?
- It provides clean energy. This means that there will be no pollution of the environment once it is implemented
- It is a renewable power source thus power will never run out
- It is in plenty in Africa unlike the scarce fossil fuel.
- It helps attain a diversified energy system which can result in increased reliability.
- It is a domestic power source and therefore each state is able to produce their own power without being reliant on any international fuel sources.
- It is a sustainable fuel source that helps mitigate floods, help in irrigation and provide a water supply.

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