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Africa on average receives very many days with bright sunlight. Africa has also been famously called the Sun Continent. Unfortunately, Africa lags behind other continents that have less sunlight and only recently did South Africa emerge and make substantial use of this energy source. Energy experts estimate that solar energy potential in Africa is 60,000,000 TWh/year. This figure is around 40% of the total solar capacity in the world.

Kenya like West Africa has a lot of solar energy potential. Kenya has on average 4-6 kW/m2 solar insolation daily. 10% to 14% of this solar insolation can be converted to electric power. The private sector has contributed to the acceptance of solar energy as 4.4% of rural people in Kenya have solar systems. These Photovoltaic systems may not fully utilize the solar energy. Good equipment is detrimental to this form of energy. The most efficient equipment can convert 20% of the sun rays to solar energy.

Advantages of solar energy
- It is indefinitely renewable
- After construction there is little maintenance
- It is a silent producer of power


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