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Wind Power is becoming increasingly popular. An American statistic showed that more than 20 million households in America are powered by wind energy. The worldwide installed capacity from wind power was around 432 KW at the beginning of 2016. This figure shows an increase in installed capacity by round 17% from the year 2015.
Wind power in Kenya contributes a small amount to the total electrical power. Kenya however understands the potential of wind energy and aims to have 9% of the total power capacity as wind by 2030. This will be about 2036 MW. Wind is everywhere and cannot be easily predicted like the other energy sources

Advantages of wind energy
- It is clean fuel source. Wind turbines do not produce atmospheric emissions that are harmful to the environment
- It is a domestic source of power. Wind power is abundant in every country
- It is cost effective. Wind energy is one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy.
- It does not displace inhabitants. When installing, you don’t have to necessarily displace the inhabitants as wind turbines uses only a fraction of the land.
- Wind energy may not be completely reliable but can certainly help reduce power shortage.

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